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Wasabi x NobodySurf
" Indigo
Indonesian Batik 

surfboard cover "

We really stoked!! to announce this collaboration!!

The light and comfortable 100% cotton canvas fabric is dyed in indigo using the Indonesian Batik method, a traditional Indonesian handicraft.
(Indonesian Batik was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009.)
Based on "Deck wrap", the most convenient and easy-to-remove board cover for daily surfing and short trips among Wasabi originals' products.

the "Sunlight" motif is used to create the original artwork. The original artwork is based on the motif of "the sun".
Each piece is hand-dyed and hand-made.
Each piece has its own unique handmade taste, which we are sure you will appreciate.

Available in three sizes, SHORT MID and LONG, to accommodate all board shapes and sizes.
By pulling on the cotton rope, the cover gently wraps around the board in seconds.
It comes with an external small pocket for storing fin keys and other small items.


薄手で肌触りの良いキャンバス織の100%コットンの生地を、インドネシアの伝統手工芸である”Indonesian Batik"の工法でインディゴに染め上げました。
"Indonesian Batik "は、2009年にUNESCOの無形文化遺産に登録されています。)
Wasabi originalsのプロダクトの中でも特に日常のサーフィンに、そしてショートトリップに、最も使い勝手の良い、簡単着脱式のボードカバーである”Deck wrap"をベースに、”太陽光”をモチーフにしたオリジナルアートワークを施しました。

あらゆるボードシェイプ、サイズに対応する、SHORT MID,LONGの3サイズ。

スクリーンショット 2023-07-04 23.02.49.png

Jared mell x Jimmy Jazz

Here's a special video to celeberate the release of Wasabi x NobodySurf. Thanks to Jimmy Jazz and Jared Mell, they created a nice short edit all filmed in Canggu, Bali.
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