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DEFORMASI was founded in 2008.

We follow the urge to make everything relate
d to the designer's own life:  home, surfing, motorcycles, travel.
Bali, where we have been based since 1999. One of the main characteristics of this island is its culture of producing a variety of handmade handicrafts.
In our studio, we are constantly visited by artisans who have a background in handicraft production, and we also visit all kinds of handicraft artisans in Bali to collaborate with them to create our products.
Our goal is to create products that are (
a delightful find in the antique market ).
We design and produce products that will be handed down to the future, where the value of handmade products will be even higher than now.


WASABI ORIGINALS was founded in 2019.

From 2019, we have started our surf equipment brand Wasabi originals.
Our goal is to create new surfing equipment that has never been seen before.
And in 2022, we will start
Wasabi Snow.
Our goal is to make surfing, snowboarding, and other fun activities more enjoyable, and we will continue to work on our creations.


DEFORMASI は、2008年に設立されました。







2019年より、サーフイクイップメントブランドWasabi originals をスタートさせ、今までにない感性や視点を取り入れた、新しいサーフィンの道具の製作を目標にしています。

2022年より、Wasabi Snowをスタート致します。


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